About SMC

SMC is a well-established practise in Moonee Ponds. We pride ourselves on the quality of care and treatment provided to our clients. We always strive to provide evidence based best practise and truly care about the wellbeing of our clients and staff members. We are approachable and always willing to listen to parents/guardians, as your thoughts, feelings and expertise as a parent/guardian are invaluable.

Pragmatic Language

What is pragmatic language?

Pragmatics refers to a child’s ability to use language in context in real life situations. Pragmatics may sometimes be referred to as a child’s social skills. Children with pragmatic difficulties may have trouble:

  • turn taking
  • introducing topics of conversation
  • maintaining topics of conversation
  • adequately using eye contact
  • using appropriate body language and facial expression
  • requesting
  • greeting i.e. saying hello and goodbye


A child’s pragmatic language skills may be affected by the person they are speaking to, the time, the environment and the context.


Children with pragmatic language difficulties will often need some help to correctly read social situations and make appropriate and socially accepted choices. 


Is it possible to have a pragmatic language delay without having a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder?

Yes it is. While all children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have pragmatic language difficulties, this alone does not subsequent a diagnosis. A number of different characteristics are needed for a diagnosis of ASD.